Keep your team resilient. Book a mental health workshop for your startup today.

Hey Founder, 

As you know better than most, startup life is rough.  

Finding product-market fit, building a team, dealing with investors, pivoting your sales model. It's exciting. Right? 

Well, sure. But it's also a struggle. And we need to be extremely honest about that. 

For example, in a recent study conducted by Dr. Michael Freeman of the University of California in San Francisco 72% of the surveyed entrepreneurs reported mental health concerns

Of those same entrepreneurs 30% reported depression as their main mental health issue. In comparison to the 7% of general U.S. population, this is staggering.

Or put more simply, this is a big f*cking problem. 

We are often asked by founders, "How can we best support our team?" 

From years of working with (and being) entrepreneurs, we've learned that nurturing a culture of mental wellness at work is essential. That means scheduling tactical workshops that encourage everyday wellness. 

And that's exactly why we created this workshop series intended for startups looking to boost team happiness, satisfaction, performance and retention

Keep reading to learn more... 

Megan & Jordan Owners of Shift & Disruptt  

Our Workshops


Challenging Our Inner Imposter

Feeling like you're faking it? Like it’s only a matter of time that people figure out that you’re not good enough or that you don’t know what you are doing? Yeah, we thought so. Feeling like an imposter steals our confidence, diminshes our ability to perform under stress and robs our productivity. In this interactive workshop, you will learn evidence-based strategies to challenge your inner imposter, decrease your anxiety, boost your performance and increase satisfaction in all areas of your life. 


Beating Everyday Perfection

Do you feel like you have to be perfect to be good enough? Do you struggle to get your work done because you worry what others will think? While perfectionism at work is common among ambitious professionals, it often leads to high rates of anxiety, procrastination, stress and lack of confidence. You will learn to recognize when perfectionism is taking over, strategies to challenge this faulty thinking and tools to reduce anxiety and boost performance. 


Everyday Mindfulness

Feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders? Having trouble focusing or sleeping? Unable to get your mind to stop racing? This workshop is for busy professionals who find themselves struggling to manage all of life’s competing demands. Mindfulness offers a powerful new perspective on how we approach everyday stress, grief, and the general feeling of being overwhelmed. In this workshop you will learn hands-on practices and be given tips on how you can implement mindfulness into your everyday life to reduce stress and anxiety, improve coping, and de-clutter your mind.


Sharing The Lies We Live

What’s Your Big Lie? (WYBL) is based on the concept that everyone has a “big lie” shielding us from who we truly are. And when we feel like we are living a lie, we are more prone to anxiety and depression, less able to exercise rational thought and have a much harder time paying attention. Our big lies can make us feel like we’re not enough, like we don’t belong and like we’re alone. But what if we shared our big lies? What would happen next?

Using phones and an anonymous technology platform, participants submit what they are hiding from everyone (their “big lie”). When asked thought-provoking questions, responses are filtered and projected in real-time onto a screen for audiences to absorb. Participants then respond back to different statements verbally – not knowing who in the room they came from – offering messages of affirmation and hope. In the past year, WYBL has been presented to over 100,000 students, teachers, parents, and professionals. WYBL helps participants support each other and catalyzes shifts towards inclusivity and acceptance. 


Custom Workshop or Program

Let's book a time to speak about the unique challenges facing your team. We'll then discuss with our interdisciplinary team and write up a custom program. Simply schedule a discovery call below!

Who We Are

Shift is a new kind of psychotherapy clinic in Toronto that focuses on helping entrepreneurs, creatives and hustlers manage their ambition. Disruptt is an education agency made up of entrepreneurs that are fighting for mental health. See the synergy? Cause we sure as hell do. 

Clear & Transparent Pricing

One workshop is $899 or three workshops are $2,299 in Toronto. Taxes are extra. Please contact us to discuss pricing outside of Toronto.

Questions You Might Have

Who will deliver these sessions? 

These sessions are led by either Megan Rafuse, Laura Bercuson Jaylin Bradbury or Jordan Axani. Megan, Laura and Jaylin are psychotherapists focusing on helping the highly driven, while Jordan is a business coach that focuses on helping teams be vulnerable. Each have extensive experience working with startup founders and employees, and are keenly aware of the unique challenge faced by such companies. 

How long is each workshop? 

Each workshop is 45-60 minutes, but can be flexible depending on your needs and expectations. 

Do you share homework and next steps? 

Absolutely. We believe that the learning can continue long after these workshops end --provided we share the tools and concepts that reinforce the core learnings. 

What if our team is not in Toronto? 

Disruptt represents speakers across North America and books everywhere from Alaska to Halfax to Orlando and Los Angeles. We are used to bringing programs to you. Contact us and we can provide you with a same day quote. 

How far into the future are you booking?

Best bet is to book 1-3 months in advance. Please contact us as soon as possible to discuss and, if it's a good fit, reserve your session. 

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