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Preston Smiles

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Meet Preston


Growing up in an identity crisis, Preston overcame the trials of joining a gang and committing crimes to graduating with a 4.0 and a masters degree. He is the definition of strength in the face of adversity. Preston shares his light as a regular contributor for the Huffington Post. His book “Love Louder”  was released in June 2016 and was an instant success. He and his wife are currenltly working on their next publication – “Now or Never – Your Epic Life in Five Steps”  that helps readers navigate the real world, learn how to overcome inner obstacles, and become your best self.


In his own words…

I supports people in understanding & embracing their fears, so they can live the life of their dreams. It’s FREEDOM time.

I could list a bunch of things that would make me look “important” and “successful”, but what I want you to know about me is I truly care about people, our planet, and about maximizing my potential. I’m committed to knowing that when I leave this world that my tank was empty, because I gave ALL that I had and then some in the name of LOVE. So whether I’m speaking, leading workshops, writing books, or making conscious content through social media, it’s all in SERVICE of the same thing….LOVE. It’s the answer to everything and it’s so obvious that some of us miss it. So I’m here as a messenger to remind us all that when we AMPLIFY our LOVE we automatically amplify our LIVES.

Expertise: Personal development, overcoming adversity

Preston Smiles is the voice for the next generation!! A unique blend of conscious and cool. His speaking ability to inspire and uplift makes him a true leader and powerful LOVEolutionary.

Laura Fredrickson

CEO, The Priceless Principles

Preston not only engaged our students but he empowered them in a way that our organization has not seen in years. He made a lasting impact.

Shaua Del Reed

Director , United Friends of the Children

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