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Nova Browning-Rutherford

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Meet Nova

Nova Browning Rutherford is a Personal Development Coach and Speaker who has connected with North American audiences by reminding them that they can transform pain into progress. Her intention is for individuals in limbo to break the “victim mentality” cycle and tap into the qualities that propelled them out of hard times in the past. A survivor of depression, abuse, addiction, and assault, Nova’s sincerity and humor are refreshing to audiences looking to be inspired. Her career in Hollywood, provides nuance to her programming, as she uses pop culture references to warn of the trappings of material wealth and fame

In her own words…

“Once upon a time, I hated my life. And no one had any idea.

From an early age, mental health and addiction plagued my family. In my early twenties, I had gone from one physically abusive relationship to another, got caught up while working in the music business and dated pro-athletes while living in an apartment the size of a parking space. At my lowest point, I was suicidal after being drugged and raped. This plunged me a depression that lasted four years.

In spite of serious trauma, I was determined to do the work in order to receive love in my life. Today, I am happier than ever.

Did you get that? I DID THE WORK. It’s why I’m able to coach and speak authentically, without judgment, from experience.

Did I wake up in this xanadu? Of course not. Am I perfect? C’mon now…

I worked my ass off to get through that nightmare and still do every, muthalovin’ day and I’ll show you how.  It’s hard, but as Mother Teresa once said, ‘Do it anyway.'”

I LOVE connecting with people, period. Audiences appreciate my humor, candor and informative story-telling style. Panels, workshops, keynotes … I do all that! Since everything isn’t for everybody, I will happily customize a program for you!”


Expertise: Mental Health, Personal Development, Overcoming Adversity, Material vs. Moral Value

Her exciting stories of highs and scary lows in Hollywood had students glued to their seats! Nova used clear and impactful exercises to involve the audience – staff saw many ‘lightbulbs’ going off in the crowd! Her’s is a message of self-care crucial to the well being of college students at any age.

Centenial College Student Association

Social media is stripping young people of their empathy. Nova’s humour, candour and frank nature instantly create a safe space for students to reflect and share on taboo topics that need addressing. Even faculty had their heads nodding. Nova tackles the pressures students carry like a ‘big sister’, and the audience leaves feeling heard.

University of Western Ontario

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