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Brryan Jackson

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Meet Brryan

After being knowingly injected with HIV by his own father, Brryan was diagnosed with AIDS at the age of 5. Now healthier than ever, Brryan asks the question “Who do you dare to become?”. He provides hope that anyone can overcome any obstacle that’s in-front of them.

In his own words…

My extraordinary story began when I was only 11 months old and my father, who had worked in the medical field, insidiously injected me with HIV-tainted blood.

Five years later unaware of my father’s heinous actions, doctors diagnosed me with full-blown AIDS.

Believing they had done everything possible, physicians offered no hope to my family and expected me to die within 5 months after coding twice. Miraculously, I defied the odds and lived on to represent a story of courage, perseverance, forgiveness and faith.

Since the age of 13, I have used my incredible story to impact lives world-wide from speaking at Congressional briefings in Washington D.C. to high schools, colleges, juvenile centers, and youth organizations across the nation. My journey of hope has taken me internationally to Haiti, Ecuador, England, Kenya, and Canada.

I see my vast experiences as an avenue to encourage others at every event. Winner of a TeenNick Halo Award, I have also been featured as one of People Magazine’s “Heroes Among Us” and ABC World News/Diane Sawyer’s “Person of the Week.”


Facing incredible health and social challenges, my life has been a continual battle, yet I strive to be a catalyst for offering relatable, accurate conversations along with humor to educate the world on HIV and mental health, inspire others to overcome adversity and empower them to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.

I want every audience to realize that no struggle is too big for hope to conquer and forgiveness changes lives, we just have to shift the perspective and make a choice. Victim or victory? 

Expertise: Mental Health, AIDS/HIV, Storytelling

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