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Great for new student orientation, wellness week & destress week 

Jordan Axani, creator of What's Your Big Lie? and Partner at Disruptt

Hi, I'm Jordan!

A year ago, I started asking people all over North America one simple question: What's your big lie? 

Little did I know that one question would blow up into an international speaking tour and, now, a travelling exhibit specifically for your campus. 

We now have a crew that travels North America to visit campuses to set up and run the "What's Your Big Lie?" pop-up that is unprecedented in its technology and effectiveness. 

Option 1: The Full Pop-Up 

Pricing Starts at $2499 USD

How does the exhibit work?

  • After you book, we send you all the tools and materials you need to make the event a success
  • Our crew arrives at your school early in the morning on the day of the pop-up to set-up
  • We train a small team of student volunteers to talk to students about the project and ask students for submissions
  • We ask students to share anonymously from their phones, answering questions like "What's your big lie?" "What's keeping you up night?" and "What does your best frend not know about you?"
  • The pop-up runs for 3 hours in the heart of the campus, projecting in several locations for maximum impact 
  • Our team passes on follow-up resources, tools and curriculum to continue the conversation after the pop-up

What do we bring with us? 

  • Our custom messaging platform, allowing students to share from their phones anonymously
  • 5-7 high powered projectors that will be placed throughout your student center
  • Sound and lighting to enhance any space 
  • Print and digital collateral to engage your students in the project before, during and after the pop-up
  • One or two Disruptt team members to run the pop-up and direct campus volunteers 
  • Exclusive access to Brave Campus, Disruptt's community of campus leaders addressing mental health on campus in innovative ways

Option 2: Software Only 

Pricing Starts at $149 USD Per Day

What's included in th basic package?

  • After you book, we send you all the tools and materials you need to make the event a success
  • We provide an operations guide and turtorial videos on how to set up the platform, projectors and your spaces to make the most of it 
  • We provide you with a unique link for the platform and phone number for text messaging for your campus 

What are the pricing tiers?

  • At $149 USD per day (3 day minimum), you get access to the platform
  • For $299 USD per day (3 day minimum), you get access to the platform plus we'll moderate the submissions between 8am and 8pm EST, include a one-hour video chat during set-up with our team (a $149 value) AND recieve a export of all the submissions from your students (a $99 value)

Best Practices

From our 100+ events so far, we recommend that you....

  • Host the pop-up during lunch time in a highly trafficked area (11AM - 2PM)
  • Limit as much light as possible (away from windows, dimming lights) to make the submissions stand out

  • Have on-campus wellness resources ready to hand out to students 
  • Move some pillows, couches or chairs around the projections so people can sit down and really take it all in 

Jordan brings a comfort or ease to the crowd. He has the ability to make everyone feel comfortable and willing to speak.

Whitney Piper, Fleming College

One of the most successful events we had all year. What's Your Big Lie really brought our students together as they bonded over anonymously shared experiences.

Charity Mulder, Grays Harbor College 

This presentation was eye opening for both students and teachers alike. Many students were able to step outside of their comfort zone, and realize that what we choose to share to the world isn’t necessarily who we really are. Students learn the importance of empathy, inclusion, and being real. This presentations opens the doors to many important conversations!

Jennifer Kelk, Teacher

What's Your Big Lie is an intimate and engaging social experience that provides students with the opportunity to uncover their vulnerable secrets and to find an environment best for finding out that the truth will only be recognized by others when you say it out loud. It is a great way for acquaintances to become entirely focused on how they can help one another, even when they may not know exactly what is bothering someone in need.

Conor Leary, Campus Life Coordinator, Farleigh Dickinson College 

What's Your Big Lie was an amazing and eye-opening program that provides a safe space for students to speak their truth with the world. It is accepting and inclusive when you see so many others in the room hiding similar issues. It shows you are truly not alone.

Carissa Kolath, Professor Northeast Community College

The presentation was definitely was amazing. It was a real eye opener for me and I realized that I’m not alone with living a lie. My friends have accepted me for me and I was partially surprised, but I realized during the session that my true friends are going to be there when I need them.

Jasmine, Grade 9 Student Cawthra Secondary School 

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