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Gild Collective

Igniting discussion & encouraging change, all while gettin' crafty.

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Gild Collective workshops allow young women the chance to have open dialogue about their fears, challenges, and most importantly, their strengths. These workshops are an unique opportunity for women to bond over a creative experience while building leadership skills. 

To “gild” is to enhance or elaborate on something.
These workshops facilitate new and necessary dialogue around issues facing young women and in parallel, these projects convert ordinary materials into extraordinary pieces. At universities, in sorority suites and off-campus spaces, Gild gathers women with purpose to create change.

Whether you’re still exploring majors, applying for internships or prepping to graduate, college-aged women face unique opportunities and challenges.

It is important now more than ever for young women in America to come together as one. Across political lines, across religious beliefs, across pre-conceived notions of one another. 

Looking ahead into careers, there are obstacles young women can start hurdling now. Examples: a majority of women find themselves apologizing at work without reason and also feel short-changed in salary and title based on sex.
Four out of five feel uncomfortable asking for female mentorship.

The Gild Collective know that women want to confront issues, break glass ceilings, and pull up others as they go—so they created the avenue to get there!

Program Topics:  Empowerment, Social Change, Leadership

Program Outcomes: 
Combat stereotypes, prepare for unique gender-related challenges women will face & develop support systems


Gild curriculums address issues young women face on campus and in their initial steps of career development using these three pillars:


We underscore the difference between speaking up and being outspoken, and examine what “I’m sorry” really means on campus or in the office. Our participants reflect on their accomplishments, explore the notion of personal pride, and seize the space they deserve to take up in the room.


No matter what they say, there’s enough room for everyone at the table! We unpack the struggles of navigating a competitive landscape, lay emphasis on building positive relationships and explore the meanings behind paying it forward.


Even tougher than asking the question, “Is it because I’m a woman?”, is learning the real answer. We dissect issues of discrimination as a group, drill to the root causes, and provide concrete tools to address them and drive women’s equality forward.

Format #1

Self-facilitated Workshop

This self-led workshop is ideal for groups with smaller budgets that still want to provide an impactful message. Our team has the experience and have done the research on what it takes to deliver an engaging workshop but Gild Collective facilitators want to empower you to deliver the message.
We are handing over our expertise with a personalized facilitation guide that will serve as the perfect script for your event. In addition, we will ship everything that you need for your creative project (materials + comprehensive instructions). 

Format #2

Virtually Facilitated Workshop

Ideal for groups who would prefer a bit of guidance during the workshop but want to keep costs low – no worries, we’ll ship all required project materials to you.
On the day of the workshop, Gild Collective facilitators will virtually connect with your group via video conference to direct the crafting project, as well as lead conversation around current social issues affecting the women in your organization.

Format #3

Facilitated Workshop

Ideal for larger groups who would prefer in-person guidance and for us to do all of the heavy lifting. Gild Collective facilitators will deliver a guided workshop that is complete with discussion, reflection, and engaging activities for all learning styles.
In addition, we will bring all of the creative supplies and provide in-person craft instruction and guidance for all participants.

When I asked the sisters about their strengths, they all shared. It was cool, because girls don’t like to brag about themselves. But they were all able to share positive things about themselves and the other girls could learn something positive and new about someone and recognize that they could go to her for help.

Lauren D.

Sisterhood Chair, Ohio State University

As co-leader of a women in technology organization at P&G, I’m always looking for fun activities to engage our members and create a sense of community. When I heard about Gild Collective’s corporate programs, I knew it would be a great fit for us. We’ve done several DIY events in the past for socializing and networking, but the Gild Collective event with Morse Code necklaces and a Mentoring theme tied the DIY activity to a larger purpose. The event was the most highly attended event in the past year, and we got great feedback from attendees. Our members enjoyed the crafting and reflection activities, plus we got something beautiful and meaningful to take away with us!

Sammy Wang


A couple weeks ago, Rachel and Kelsey came to Miami University and ran a workshop with the women involved in Greek Life. As their intern, it was fun to participate in the actual workshop and listen as my incredible bosses inspired the young women I interact with every day. Together, we engaged in awesome conversation and crafted beautiful morse code necklaces. They loved Gild, almost as much as I do, and I can’t wait to have them back for more sisterhood events.

Taylor K.

Greek Life, Miami University

Rachel Bauer

Co-founder & CCO of Gild Collective

Rachel has an undergraduate degree in Fashion Merchandising from Kent State University and a Master’s in Higher Education Administration from The University of Tennessee. Rachel’s background as a student success coach means that nobody knows how to uncover individual’s strengths quite like her. As a coach and advisor, Rachel has led trainings across subjects—from interviewing and time management courses to LGBTQ Safe Zone training. As the creative officer for Gild Collective, Rachel also develops all projects and detailed instruction that makes any creative experience one that makes any participant feel like a pro. When she’s not using her creativity for Gild, Rachel is designing watercolor prints and invitation suites for her Etsy shop and continues to conduct Safe Zone trainings for local organizations.

Kelsey Pytlik 

Co-founder & CEO of Gild Collective

Kelsey has an undergraduate degree in Marketing and Interactive Media Studies from Miami University, and Master’s degree in User Experience Design from Kent State University. Her background within creative agencies and ecommerce retailers—conducting user research and designing usable interfaces—leads to an expertise in understanding user needs that translates directly to developing powerful curriculum that addresses the needs of each organization through Gild Collective workshops. Her moderation and facilitation of focus groups and usability testing make rallying a group and encouraging open dialogue second nature. In addition to Gild, Kelsey is an adjunct professor in the UXD program at Kent State, and an active participant in endurance events to fundraise for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society through Team in Training.

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