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Adulting in the Digital World

An interactive keynote or workshop on
how to be a digitally connected human without getting addicted, depressed, and removed from reality.
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This next generation of college students will be graduating into a world that is still adjusting to the mobile, social revolution, and the growing pains are… painful.

In our attention economy, our time is money, ad revenue to be more precise. So some of the smartest people on the planet work tirelessly to keep our attention hooked on the screen in our pockets for as long as possible. News outlets are forced to exaggerate headlines to generate traffic, Google and Facebook design algorithms that value speed, fear/rage, and popularity, over honesty, emotional well-being, and learning. And it’s nonstop, always at an arm’s reach, integrated with our social lives, work lives, and family lives so it’s never been easier to get distracted, lost and overwhelmed.

As someone who has both designed technology with the goal of stealing as much of our time as possible, and advised big brands on how to survive in this ecosystem, Max is the perfect messenger to break down these topics in an artistic and digestible nature. In 2017 he’s doing just that and arming students all over North America with tools to navigate this complicated digital world.

Program Topics:  Social media, digital awareness, tech addiction

Program Outcomes: Helps students understand how to avoid being robbed of their time by addictive apps, create a healthier relationship with social media, and guard their minds from fake or heavily biased information

Created & Facilitated by:

Max Stossel


  • A 60 Minute Keynote and 30 minute interactive discussion

  • Constructively explores the realities of social media, tech addiction, and news in a post-truth era

  • Presented by Max Stossel, an award winning poet + filmmaker + leader of Time Well Spent, a movement to align technology with our humanity

  • Interweaves speaking and spoken word poetry in a truly unique and captivating manner

The Breakdown

  • Intro: A brief intro and spoken word performance by Max

  • Part 1: How To Internet Without Losing Your Mind
    • Asking ourselves “Should I post this?” / “Why did I posit this?” / “Why did they post this?”
    • An interactive discussion on why we share what we share and the repercussions that we don’t see from our digital actions
  • Part 2: Neutral News – The Internet’s Treasure 
    • Indicators of trustworthy info – tech pushing us towards bias information
    • A game of “What’s wrong with this picture”  digital news-style
  • Part 3: Fighting Addictive Design 
    • Participants will go into their own phones to turn off certain settings, search for meaningful technology/apps, and review steps they’ve taken to take over their time and lives to feel less addicted

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