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Mental Health Workshops for Parents

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How are parents supposed to help their children with their mental wellness, when they haven’t been educated on the topic themselves?


In a time where mental health is becoming more and more talked about in and out of school, children are encouraged to open up about their mental wellness and ask for help….


This two hour workshop will allow parents to explore their own mental wellness, while strategizing ways of


The Breakdown


  • Anonymous Sharing (30 minutes) 
      • The first part of the training will attendees use the same platform we use for “What’s Your Big Lie” with students across North America to share what they hide from others anonymously from their smartphones. By communicating through this platform, we’ll take the mask off the mental wellness of parents to look at the innermost thoughts of adults, barriers to mental wellness and recurring themes. This is important to normalize and externalize the conversation around mental wellness, appreciating that parents – just like their children – struggle sometimes. 
    • Mental Health Snapshot (20 minutes) 
      • Looking to the submissions provided by the attendees, we will then mirror those against the trends we have seen in thousands of student responses. This section to candidly show the reality of the lives of many children today, their reaction to available resources, what they are asking for, and how parents can help their chilren – without undue oversharing – to better themselves and their children. Understanding the collective needs of both groups is critical to their mutual betterment. 
    • Needs Assessment and Rapid Prototyping (55 minutes) 
      • The last part of the training will focus on determining what parents need in order to address the mental wellness challenges faced by their peers. Intended as a group ideation session using rapid prototyping (a methodology for brainstorming and concept development championed by Google that I facilitate), we will investigate ways that we can better support fellow parents within the confines of board policies, capacity, existing resources. Both the methodology and ideas generated can be used to better support parent needs inside and outside of the classroom. 
    • Wrap Up (15 minutes) 
      • During the wrap up, we will address concrete next steps that each parent can take individually and as a team to better be able to support themselves, their family and their children. Follow-up resources and tools will also be shared.

Meet the Facilitator

Lindsey Danisch

Registered Social Worker & Masters in Social Work in Mental Health

“My big shift happened when I was a special education teacher.

Rather than gravitating towards delivering a curriculum, I found myself naturally fixated on helping my students overcome their emotional and educational challenges, and working with their parents to build a healthy relationship with their child.

I found my place, leaving teaching behind to become a social worker and therapist focused on relationships, because our lives are a web of different connections.

Relationships between parent and child, colleagues, spouses and with ourselves shape every experience we have.

I focus on what I call real life therapy. That is, direct and goal-focused therapy that will improve this specific area of your life.

I can’t wait to meet you and get started…helping you get there.”

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