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Us too… and how we can help

Hi Everyone, Like many of you, we've been stunned by how many people are bravely sharing their stories of sexual violence as #metoo goes viral. But sadly, we can't say we're surprised by the numbers. I bet you aren't either. Sexual harassment, assault and violence are...

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What I’ve Learned After Hosting a Couple Webinars

As a lot of you may know, Disruptt has been hosting weekly webinars for over a month now, and I, Cali, have had the great pleasure of hosting them!

It’s a brand new experience for me, and there’s definitely a learning curve to being a good on-air host. But I’ve also picked some other golden nuggets of knowledge that are useful in any life situation, not just in the webinar world!

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The PostSecret Campus Ambassador Program

I knew when Disruptt first partnered with PostSecret that the program was incredibly popular and that we wanted to harness the passion people have for PostSecret in a meaningful, engaging way. PostSecret Live is an incredible experience that we want as many students to experience as possible. In each PostSecret Live event, Frank comforts, inspires, and creates an environment where participants can open up and share things they have never shared before.

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5 Awesome Tools for Team Communication & Productivity

Disruptt works as a predominantly remote team, with our roster and clients based all over North America – from New York to Los Angeles.
We have collaborative multi-person tasks with deadlines, and we want to check on their status as they progress. After months and months of product trials and demos, we’ve finally settled down with productivity tools that work for us.

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5 Lies That Show Resilience

What’s Your Big Lie? has uncovered a lot of pain in the passed year, but it’s also revealed the strength that students, professionals and parents show in little and big ways every day. We recognize how hard it can be to fight your demons; sometimes the tiniest step forward can feel like lifting the world, but we’re cheering all of you on.

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10 Lies That Break Our Hearts

These ten confessions represent hundreds and thousands of lies just like them that are living in the hearts of children and adults around the world. Big or small, we are all living a lie, and we’ve shared these with you today to tell you that no matter what you’re feeling, you are not alone.

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