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What is Disruptt?

We’re an education company that focuses on social issues.

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Founded in 2014, Disruptt has grown into one of North America’s leading providers of social issue educational programming. We have collaborated with Fortune 500s, the world’s top universities and governments to make an impact.

Based in Toronto, we work with leading social innovators to develop, manage and grow talks, programs and experiences that leave a mark. We even have a partnership with a  leading therapy practice, Shift, to help us create the most impactful programs possible. Because now, more than ever, we need to be courageous.


We believe that equality must be at the center of all great businesses.


We believe that being transparent is critical to learning and growth.


We believe in frank, actionable ideas and strategies over fluffy noise.


We believe in love over fear, and courage over isolation.

Jordan Axani

Jordan Axani


An expert on digital citizenship and wellness, Jordan leads the creation of programs and experiences for Disruptt.

Emily Springgay

Emily Springgay

Director of Operations

With a love for details, Emily takes care of all the behind-the-scene organizational tasks at Disruptt.

Megan Rafuse

Megan Rafuse

Shift Founder

An Imposter Syndrome expert, Megan is a registered social worker and the visionary behind Shift Collab, providing outstanding psychotherapy to clients.

Cali Timmins

Cali Timmins

Community Coordinator

A world traveller, Cali fiercely believes in embracing individuality and building a generation of confident, socially aware leaders.

Matt Sacks

Matt Sacks


A well-known agent, thinker and speaker, Matt brings years of expertise in campus programming to the Disruptt team.