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Hey Disruptters! In case you missed it, Brave Campus Webinars are back! Yesterday our very own Lexie Ward did a session on free tools and apps you can implement within your team to stay organized and increase productivity! (Psst… they’re the same tools we use day-to-day at Disruptt!) If you missed it, no worries. I’ve got the replay for you right here.

We’re keeping the ball rolling, and looking forward to having an amazing therapist, and friend of Disruptt’s, Jacob Ernst on Brave Campus next week! Jacob is a therapist, writer, and speaker who teaches young people how to stop apologizing for being their true and authentic selves. He is a part of the Shift family and will be doing a very relevant and important session about identity during transitional periods, “How to Figure Out Who You Are While Managing New Transitions”. Jacob will help us learn how to understand our changing identities and give us strategies to figure out who we are, specifically during life’s most challenging moments.

We’re very excited to have him on board and can’t wait to see you all there! If you haven’t already registered, do so here: https://disruptt.lpages.co/bcww/

See you next week!