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As a lot of you may know, Disruptt has been hosting weekly webinars for over a month now, and I, Cali, have had the great pleasure of hosting them!

It’s a brand new experience for me, and there’s definitely a learning curve to being a good on-air host. But I’ve also picked some other golden nuggets of knowledge that are useful in any life situation, not just in the webinar world!

Let People Play to Their Strengths

We all have things we’re good at things we’re not so good at, and it can be really easy to forget that for each of us these things are different. What I find comfortable someone else might find terrifying, and vice versa. When you’re working with someone new don’t assume, ask them what they think they’re good at! Not only will you put them at ease and make them feel like their skills are valued, but you’ll also be playing to each of your strengths, making for a more successful project.


When it comes to any kind of work setting, whether you work in an office or you’re hosting a webinar, the people you work with got to where they are for a reason! They were hired because they are qualified and know what they’re doing. So trust them! You’ll run yourself ragged trying to do your own job as well as everyone else’s. Although I like to think I’m full of great ideas, we have guests on the air because they’re the real experts, and when you hand over creative control (yes, I know, handing over control can be scary for some of us) you open your project up to amazing possibilities.

Know When to Step Up and When to Back Off

Some people need guidance, others prefer to take the lead. As a host it’s my job to make sure my guests feel as comfortable as possible. For some of them that means scheduling one meeting before we go live, others prefer to check in throughout the week to practice and go over their session. There is no right or wrong way to approach a project, so much like letting people play to their strengths, have open lines of communication and make sure you’re giving your colleagues the kind of support that they need.

Accept That Mistakes Will Happen

It’s unrealistic, especially when technology is involved, to expect every single thing to run smoothly every single time. You’ll drive yourself into a stress induced ball of tears if you freak out over every little detail. Of course you should always do your best to be adequately prepared, and I definitely recommend implementing back up plans for predictable accidents, but the simple truth is: once you’ve done all you can do, you’ve done all you can do! The world won’t end just because someone has a bad wifi connection.