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As the start of the school year creeps closer and closer, we do what we do every year, promise that this time around we’re going to do better. We’re not going to drop the ball, we’re going to stay on top of things, we’re going to be organized. Now, I don’t know if any of us are actually going to succeed… but here are five organizational apps that will at the very least increase your chances of keeping your sh*t together.

1. Trello

Trello is your To Do lists on focus drugs. You can create different boards (for example, everyone on our team has their own personal to do lists, but we also have shareable boards for marketing, different programs, and other things). Then within each board you can set up lists (in our Marketing board we have a list for blog management, branding design, articles to read, etc.). Then on each list you add little cards. You can attach links, photos, open up each card to add comments and you can create colour coding labels.

Trello is godly.


2. Awesome Note

Now, full disclosure I’ve never used Awesome Note, but since reading it I definitely will. Awesome Note is basically combining every built in Utilities app your phone has into one pretty, organizational app of wonder. You mash your Reminders and Calendar together as well as your Notes, and put everything into folders. What’s neat about this little app, is it’s a very cool writing tool. Some people use it almost as a daily diary. You can insert pictures, voice recordings and drawings seamlessly into your writing and store it away for later.

3. IFTTT/Zapier

IFTTT (and Zapier) are apps that help you integrate your other apps, and create chains of action. We know an amazing guy who runs a podcast. When he’s done an interview he drops the raw audio into a folder in Dropbox. When he does that someone on his team gets a notification and they go in and edit the file. When they’re done the file goes into another folder which notifies the graphic design guy. He goes in and creates the art. From there the finished product is dropped somewhere else where the next man in line uploads it to iTunes, and somewhere along the line another app is notified to create a written transcript. Not a single person has to pick up the phone, send an email, or text. The entire operation runs itself with cool integrations provided by these tools.

4. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is essentially shareable lists that sync to all your devices. Whether you’re planning a trip, going grocery shopping or just have a million things to get done, you can make your lists and share them with your family, friends and colleagues. You can of course add photos and notes, “sub-tasks”, comments and save articles, links and other fun things you come across.

5. Evernote

My “Notes” on my phone is a minefield. I don’t know where anything is, and because notes appear in the order in which you last edited them it got to the point where I literally just started writing everything in one giant note so I could just memorize the order in which things were. With Evernote that’s no longer an issue. Your notes are organized and searchable in whatever form you need. You can make notebooks, checklists, sketches, lists and more. The camera function acts like a scanner so you can store everyone’s business cards, hand written notes and drawings as well. You can even craft presentations and use it effectively on a business level.