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If you missed yesterday’s webinar boy oh boy am I sorry for you. Kristina Mereigh (yes, THE Kristina Mereigh of Live.Laugh.Boss) led an amazing session on integrating our work and personal lives in healthy ways. She taught us how to avoid burnouts, where and when to draw boundaries, and gave us lots of easy tips to put into daily practice to make us happier at work!


When you’re in the campus life industry, especially the wellness sector, your job is always about making other people happy. As wonderful as it is that you dedicate so much time and energy to the betterment of others, it’s still tremendously important to remember to take care of yourself too!


Kris, you were funny, charming, and kept it real while providing us with a kick ass session (which you can watch here) and for that we thank you!


Speaking of thank yous… next week we are thrilled to announce that our Webinar Wednesday guest will be none other than Blake Fly! Blake is a wonderful speaker who has hosted and spoken at TEDx conferences, the author of “The Campus Life Guide“, and a close personal friend of Disruptt. He is an expert ThankU note writer, an appreciation guru, and is excited to teach us all about using the power of gratitude to make your college career spectacular.


Having just spent an evening at Blake’s for one of his famous ThankU parties, there is no one more excited than me to welcome Blake Fly to Brave Campus!


Sign up for next Wednesday’s gratitude extravaganza here!