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Recently you may have seen a few posts or heard a few rumblings about a little something called Brave Campus and thought what’s up with that? Is Disruptt starting a new school? Company? WHAT’S GOING ON?! Well! Allow me…


Brave Campus is an online community created by Disruptt. It’s aim is to create a place for people in campus programming to come together to share resources, discuss ideas, give advice and help each other out. We provide you with everything from apps, webinars, articles, e-courses and anything else we think will make your lives better.


On Facebook! Brave Campus is a group that we want you to join! Click here to become a part of the magic, all you need is a Facebook account!


Now and forever! The Brave Campus group is already live and everyone is free to be as active as they like whenever they like! We post regularly!


Because campuses are too divided. We all have our team or colleagues, but other than that we’re all trying to figure out everything by ourselves. Disruptt wants to change that because, guess what? Most of the problems we’re facing, whether you’re in Kentucky, Ontario, Saskatchewan or California, are the exact same! So let’s band together in Brave Campus to support each other and face these issues as a community!

Join us on Brave Campus today!