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As we speed through August (I know… August) orientation creeps closer and closer. Hopefully you and your team are all set and ready to rock the start of this brand new school year. But if you’re not, and are instead panicking that there are glaring gaps in your programming, or you’ve forgotten to plan certain events never fear, Disruptt is here, with First Year Fears!

We’ve got all kinds or programs, keynotes and pop-ups that are perfect to fill in those last minute gaps in your orientation week, but what we’re most excited about is our newly developed First Year Fears.

First Year Fears is our newest pop-up, and is designed to put new incoming students at ease. Using our signature technology, freshman anonymously share the things they’re worrying about most as they enter college. These confessions are then projected around campus (in live time) for all to see, helping first years realize they aren’t alone.

Turn your orientation into an art exhibit of truths that help your new students realize that the fears they have are completely normal. You can ask them any questions you’d like,

  • What scares you most about leaving home?
  • What would you ask a senior if you weren’t afraid of sounding silly?
  • Is there anything in college you hope you DON’T have to experience?
  • What do you think your biggest challenge will be this year?

And all they have to do is text in their answers! You can moderate the incoming responses yourselves, or we can do it for you.

It’s a simple, effective way to open up an important dialogue and set your first years off on the right foot! To learn more about First Year Fears and how you can incorporate it into your orientation week, schedule a call with us here, or check out this page for more info!

First Year FearsFirst Year Fears