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We’re super excited to announce next week’s Brave Campus Webinar Wednesday presenter, Kristina Mereigh! You may know her from her awesome blog Live.Laugh.Boss which explores the every day in the mindful, relatable and at times hilarious way we all need. Kristina will be presenting her session, “Balancing Work and Play as a Campus Leader” at 2 p.m. EST on August 9th where she will explore

1. How to draw boundaries with your students and with administrators

2. How to Identify and to take advantages of opportunities for advancement at your place of employment

3. How to negotiate for the lifestyle you want while working on a college campus

4. How to integrate wellness into your workday

We can’t wait!

If you missed this week’s Webinar, Megan Rafuse did a wonderful job talking about Consent on Campus. You can watch the replay here and access the best step by step method to helping someone cope with sexual assault, resources for you and your campus, peer support tactics, and ways to integrate this incredibly important topic into your orientation weeks and campus culture!

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