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I knew when Disruptt first partnered with PostSecret that the program was incredibly popular and that we wanted to harness the passion people have for PostSecret in a meaningful, engaging way.

PostSecret Live is an incredible experience that we want as many students to experience as possible. In each PostSecret Live event, Frank connects with audience members in a way most keynote speakers are unable to do. In 90 minutes he comforts, inspires, and creates an environment where participants can open up and share things they have never shared before.

Right after we made the partnership announcement, Northeast Community College in Norfolk, NE, excitedly reached out to bring a one-two punch of What’s Your Big Lie and PostSecret Live to their community for World Mental Health Day. Having that much interest from a small community college in rural Nebraska only reassured us of the possibilities.

Frank has 2 million followers on Facebook and Twitter and 770 million views on postsecret.com to date. Disruptt realized there had to be many more out there interested in bringing Frank and PostSecret to their community, but unaware of the opportunity or how to piece a large-scale event like that together.

After over a month of planning, writing, rewriting, copy editing, tweaking, and discussion with Frank, Disruptt has finally launched our PostSecret Campus Ambassador Program. I wrote almost 50 pages breaking down everything from finding the right person on campus to pitch the idea to, to finding community sponsors, to tech requirements and promoting the event, to post-event thank-yous.  

Whether you’re a student, alumni or campus staff, we have suggestions and guides for you to bring PostSecret Live to your community.

We hope in the next weeks and months to grow the PostSecret Ambassador Community to promote mental health and suicide awareness on campuses across North America, increase campus and community health resource use, and change individuals’ lives for the better.


Want in? Sign up here, or email lexie@disruptt.com for more info!