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As we continue to work on not only reducing the stigma surrounding mental health, but on creating solutions, there are some amazing programs and resources out there that we want to share with you. The Centre for Innovation in Campus Mental Health is a great site that offers webinars and useful information, but also has an interactive map of all the mental health programs that are active near you.


Browsing their site is a great way to get ideas for initiatives to bring to your campus and helps you find contacts at other schools that can offer advice about building a successful program!


Here are 4 programs that caught our eye this week!



This program is a collab between our buddies at George Brown College and Stella’s Place. It’s aim is to provide an online platform for students aged 16-29 who are transitioning between different stages in their life. This could be moving from high school to university, struggling with substance abuse, moving into the workforce, going through family changes or dealing with mental health challenges. The platform will integrate with pre-existing online resources and connect young adults with the help they need. Meet the coordinators and read more here!


Safer and Accepting Campuses for Two Spirit Students

This is an awesome continuation on EAGLE Canada Human Rights educational resource. It’s accessible for students and campus professionals and focuses on helping students in the LGBTQ and Aboriginal postsecondary students and mental health staff build more inclusive campuses. Learn more about this impressive and important initiative here

Harm Reduction Strategies

Algonquin College, with the help of Rideauwoods Addictions, is bringing attention to the very prevalent issue of addiction on college campuses. A 2013 national survey revealed that 70% of university students have used an intoxicant in the last 30 days, yet less than 1% of students report having been assessed for substance abuse. Read more of these staggering stats and find out more about the initiative here.


Mental Health Hub

This program has been run by Sault University for awhile now but is going through some awesome changes to make the initiative more culturally competent. Staff is being trained to be more inclusive and they are expanding their Aboriginal services as well as becoming more accessible to students living in residence or going through tough transitions. Check out what else they’re up to here.


These are only a few of the great programs making their way to Canadian campuses and we want to hear more.


Let us know what your school is doing to combat mental health issues on your campus!