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Unless you live under a rock, you know that two weeks ago Disruptt took the COCA – the Canadian Organization of Campus Activities National Conference by storm. Hopefully you kept up with our live-streams, blogs, vlogs, Instagrams, tweets, Facebook posts, stories and over-all onslaught of COCA content. BUT if you didn’t, then you are devastatingly out of the loop and have yet to learn that Disruptt’s very own Brryan Jackson won the COCA National award for Lecturer of the Year!


We are insanely proud and want to extend our formal congratulations to Brryan. Last year Brryan traveled to schools across North America telling his story and touching the hearts of students, teachers, professionals and parents. He is an incredible force on stage, and we are so glad that his talent has been recognized this year by COCA.


Brryan, you send a message of hope, and your past continues to inspire us every day. You are a reminder that there is no challenge that we cannot face, and the only true obstacle that can stop us from achieving greatness is the one we see in the mirror. Thank you for all that you do and for pushing us to ask the question, “Who do we dare to become?”.