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Building courageous campus programming takes a village… and some bold moves.

That’s why we’re excited to announce a strategic partnership with one of Toronto’s premier therapy practices, Shift!

We love Shift because they focus on the mental health of entrepreneurs, creatives and hustlers… and we focus on teaching mental health, social innovation and entrepreneurship. The synergy is obvious.

Plus, Megan and her team at Shift have already been responsible for helping build What’s Your Big Lie?, Love Honestly, and our teacher mental health training programs. For the many schools, companies and organizations we work with, this means that we will be able to co-create clinically backed curriculum, activities and workshops to improve mental wellness.

Moreover, this just makes sense.

We have an obligation to deliver as much value as possible through our keynotes, workshops and programs. Building mental wellness isn’t something to be practiced only in a session with a therapist or counsellor — it is something that must be prioritized through all programming on campuses.

This is where the world is going. And I’m thrilled that we are taking this step forward.

What do you think? Share your thoughts with us below.

– Jordan

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