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Wow. I can’t believe that the last day of COCA actually came. As completely exhausted as I am, I still don’t want it to end. Day 5 was relatively chill, all things considered. Lex and I had to lock ourselves away in our room so that we could actually, you know, get things done for once.


We did; however, schedule a little time to splash around in the pool. What started out as a few friends taking a dip turned into a #COCAWithCali pool party thanks to some photoshop and Facebook posting done by Simon. I might hire him as my own personal publicist. It turned out to be a fantastic time. DJ equipment was brought in (not kidding… go big or go home, right?) and tons of us showed up for the fun. Luckily we’ve all grown pretty close because the hot tub was definitely not supposed to hold that many people.


Afterwards Lex and I got ready at the speed of light to make it to the awards banquet on time. We made it on the bus by the skin of our teeth and arrived to see a hall of beautiful people. I must say, the COCA family cleans up NICELY! After the usual mingling and catching up with friends we finally sat down for the awards where Brryan won SPEAKER OF THE YEAR!

He flew in from Missouri to accept the award and did an awesome job representing Disruptt. We’re so proud of him and all his accomplishments!


From there we made our way to the most fantastic afterparty I’ve ever attended. Giant inflatable domes and mushrooms filled with bean bag chairs and massive jenga sets filled the room. There was a bar for booze and a bar for candy and a nice combination of the two kept everyone giddy and dancing to the awesome music that could undoubtedly be heard for miles.


Now because it’s COCA, there was then an after-after party. We all hopped on matte black school busses whose insides were lined with couches and futons visible only by the Christmas lights strung along the ceiling. They took us to a legitimate warehouse where more blow up, glow in the dark bouncy castles, mushroom houses, boxing rings and inflatable forests surrounded us. It felt like stepping into another world. It was incredible.


My night didn’t end until 5 a.m. when I finally made my way back to my own hotel room after hopping around other people’s for the remainder of the night. Despite being exhausted I was so wrapped up in conversation with all these new wonderful people that I genuinely didn’t notice the time.


All in all I couldn’t possibly think of a better way to end what has been one of the craziest, happiest weeks of my life. If you’ve made it this far thank you to everyone for keeping up with #COCAWithCali and for supporting me. It means the world. I am so proud to be here, representing Disruptt, standing up for the things we believe in and spreading that knowledge, love and support from west coast to east coast here at COCA.