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Want your community to give a sh*t about today’s biggest issues? Us too.

We are social innovators that deliver keynotes, workshops and pop-ups to tackle mental health, digital citizenship and belonging.


Intimate talks and keynotes that challenge, inspire and build hope.


Experiences that build empathy, resilience and belonging.


Helping schools and companies lead with mental wellness in mind.

Wednesday Webinars

Miki Agrawal at ThinxJoin us at 2pm EST every Wednesday for a tactical conversation with a thought leader about making campuses (and communities) that encourage bravery, humility and belonging


Meet Miki

Miki Agrawal at ThinxWhat does it mean to fight taboo? Miki is on a mission to make the everyday parts of being a human shame and stigma-free. 


Meet Frank

What if sharing a secret could set us free? That’s been the question Frank Warren has asked hundreds of audiences since 2004 and why he has been dubbed The World’s Most Trusted Man.


The PostSecret Campus Ambassador Program

I knew when Disruptt first partnered with PostSecret that the program was incredibly popular and that we wanted to harness the passion people have for PostSecret in a meaningful, engaging way. PostSecret Live is an incredible experience that we want as many students to experience as possible. In each PostSecret Live event, Frank comforts, inspires, and creates an environment where participants can open up and share things they have never shared before.

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5 Awesome Tools for Team Communication & Productivity

Disruptt works as a predominantly remote team, with our roster and clients based all over North America – from New York to Los Angeles.
We have collaborative multi-person tasks with deadlines, and we want to check on their status as they progress. After months and months of product trials and demos, we’ve finally settled down with productivity tools that work for us.

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